How do you fix an IRS Virginia Tax Lien?

For some, a recorded tax lien is just one more black mark on their credit report—which was likely already a mess anyway. It’s not a levy notice. That said, how do you fix an IRS Virginia tax lien? You have three options:
  1. Appeal the lien filing by contacting the IRS Appeals Office. It’s not likely you’ll win, but if you do, the lien will

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    fix tax lien irs virginia

    be withdrawn. Unfortunately, the fact of the lien filing will not be removed from your credit report.

  2. Pay in full, even if it means borrowing from friends or family. It’s better to owe just about anyone than the IRS, not to mention just about anyone’s interest rates will be lower.
  3. Request a partial discharge. Perhaps you own several assets that have been encumbered by the lien. If you want to sell one to pay off your IRS debt, ask for a discharge on that asset. The IRS will likely agree; bottom line, they want their money and a partial discharge can open the door to resolving the debt.
Note that bankruptcy isn’t included in the list of options to settle the tax lien. Your personal liability may be cleared by the bankruptcy, however, the tax lien will remain. (See a bankruptcy attorney for a professional analysis and advice for your specific situation.)
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