The Top 4 Reasons We Miss Deadlines… (like April 15th)

Why do we allow ourselves to miss important deadlines (like April 15th)?  The first syllable (“dead”) on it’s own is hard enough to swallow. And then when you put another word like “tax” in front of it (“tax deadline”!!!), it can be overwhelming. When it comes to April 15th, these are the four reasons I hear most […]

5 ‘kick-ass’ strategies to get IRS tax relief now

The “7 Ps” is an old British army adage for “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance”. When it comes to owing the IRS, “poor performance” can mean $10,000 + in unpaid taxes, frozen bank accounts, sleepless nights, damaged relationships. The good news? Just because you’ve planned poorly in dealing with the IRS in the past […]