6 Ways to Release or Remove a Tax Lien

You go to the ATM but can’t get any money out. Your payroll manager calls and says your paycheck has been levied. What do you do next? Here’s 6 ways to Release or Remove an IRS or State Tax Lien: Obtain a Properly Structured Monthly Payment Plan. You don’t have to ‘full pay’ your tax […]

The Weekly Roundup

Here’s our weekly roundup of tax, small biz and social media news and views:   Michael Hyatt: You Don’t Have to Work 24/7 –(Don’t Be Like Amazon) Don’t Mess with Taxes:Lois Lerner Used Her Dog’s Email Account for IRS Business Income Tax Ninja: Still Haven’t Filed Your 2014 Return? Then Be Sure You Do This Entrepreneur.com: The Biggest Barrier […]

It’s Tax Wiki Wednesday!

This week’s roundup of tax-related news and views is loaded…. Trump Ready to Tell H&R Block “You’re Fired!” Back to College: Don’t Miss the Tax Break for Textbooks Hillary Doesn’t Really Care About Tax Reform … Neither do the Republicans! IRS Director Should Be Fired (If Not Jailed)! Weekly Tax Tip: When It’s OK to tap your […]

Wednesday Tax Wiki

Here’s the Wednesday Tax Wiki, a weekly roundup of tax-related news and views. Our goal: to help you stay out of trouble with the IRS, and reduce Uncle Sam’s tax bite. ———————————————————————————————– Gene Marks: 5 Ways A Trump Presidency Would Impact Your Business… and Mine TaxGirl: Flat Tax, Fair Tax, What’s the Difference? About.com: What Happens […]

The Top 4 Reasons We Miss Deadlines… (like April 15th)

Why do we allow ourselves to miss important deadlines (like April 15th)?  The first syllable (“dead”) on it’s own is hard enough to swallow. And then when you put another word like “tax” in front of it (“tax deadline”!!!), it can be overwhelming. When it comes to April 15th, these are the four reasons I hear most […]

Who Else Wants to Kick Procrastination to the Curb?

Most every tax client I work with intends to file their tax return on time. Then they avoid doing what they fully intended–yet never fully committed–to get done. The size of the task overwhelms them. It’s as if they implode emotionally and shut down. How about you? Ever find yourself stuck in procrastination? Here’s 5 […]

Wednesday Tax Wiki

Here’s Wednesday Tax Wiki, a weekly roundup of tax-related news and views. Our goal is to help you stay out of trouble with the IRS, and keep more of what you earn in your wallet — not Uncle Sam’s! Rand Paul Kills Tax Code With Chainsaw and Fire TaxGirl: The Highest Sales Tax Rate in […]

Solve Tax Problem

The First Step To Solve Your IRS Problem is Surprisingly Simple

The first step in resolving your IRS Problem is a surprisingly simple one. I’m betting it’s not what you think it is. I know what it is, because I’ve been there. The stress from an IRS problem can be overwhelming, affecting your finances, your relationships, your emotions…  tax problems can take over your life. What I […]

new business

5 Surefire Steps to Launch Your New Business

Here’s 5 Surefire Steps to Launch Your New Business Successfully: 1. Get a Plan. No contractor would dare begin a project without a blueprint. But chances are he’ll take a second mortgage on his house, quit his job, and open a new business without first writing a simple, no frills Business Plan. 2. Set Yourself Up […]

The First Deadly Sin of Small Business Startups

There are 26 million small businesses in the United States; they’re the engine that creates jobs and drives our economic growth. Unfortunately, the failure rate of new businesses is high. Many don’t survive their first year in business. Most are no longer in operation by year 5. Here’s the good news: You and your business don’t […]